Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 21st: IS THIS THE END?

Life as we know it is rapidly coming to a halt, the end of the world is nigh, according to Harold Camping and his followers. It's everywhere, billboards, TV, Internet, radio stations and word of mouth, everyone is talking about the RAPTURE that is soon to occur. Harold Camping, 89 years old, runs the largest, most profitable (that's right, profitable) Christian radio networks in the world. The network is worth $120 million and has 66 stations throughout the country.

Camping and his small group of followers believe that at 6pm on Saturday, May 21st, 2011 a massive earthquake will happen worldwide, destructing much of the earth and taking many lifes through the devastation of the world ending. It is said that the graves of the dead will open up and those who are "saved" alive and dead will ascend up to Heaven and the condemed ones will be left behind to live on an unruly earth for five excrutiating months until Judgement Day comes on October 21st.

When May 22nd comes around I know I'll be laughing.

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