Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tips On How To Start Couponing

So you're interested in couponing? Who isn't these days? I've got some excellent information to share that can help you cut your grocery bill considerably. Think of coupons as currency, because that's exactly what they are. In order to begin couponing you should start a stockpile with coupons you will use and get plenty of them. Getting multiple copies of the same coupon is a smart move because when you come across an excellent deal you are going to MAXIMIZE your savings.

There are numerous places you can acquire coupons. You can contact the manufacturer personally by e-mail, phone or postal mail and let them know you enjoy their product and ask if they can send you coupons. Don't worry if you get ignored, this tends to happen, however, some manufacturers are more than willing to send you coupons at a much better bargain than an insert would.

Ask your friends or family to share. If you know anyone that gets the Sunday paper ask them if you can have their inserts if they don't use them. Where I work there's a few girls that coupon as well and we are always sharing coupons, whatever I don't use, someone else is bound to use.

Pick up a Sunday paper or two or three or even four, the more copies of the coupon equals a much better deal! Local ads and coupon inserts are the best places to start for beginner couponers. The Internet is also a wonderful source for coupons. Sites like is a wonderful place to start clipping coupons.

Ask your local grocer if they have a coupon booklet available, most do. This way you can use the grocer's coupon AND the manufacturer coupon, maximizing savings! Sites like allows you to upload coupons onto your card and you can also use your manufacturer coupon as well.

Keep an eye out for sale ads, you can check these out online each week, shop around and see which store you will get the better deal from. Wal-Mart doesn't double coupon but they do price match, so just remember that. Become aware of your stores coupon policy as well. And don't be afraid to call around and ask about their policy or if they take double coupons or not. Some stores will double coupon only up to a certain amount but some will take the full amount also. Keep your ears open for double coupon days as well as many stores offer this at one point in time at least a few times a year.

Couponing can seem like a rough task at first, believe me it's no tea party. But if you stick with it it will become natural to you. I've become to the point that I actually dream about saving money, no kidding! I love it! It has helped me in so many ways!

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