Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why Couponing Can Be Beneficial

With inflation on the rise people everywhere are trying to find ways to save a buck here and there. Saving just a few dollars can be very critical for some families, that's why couponing is becoming the latest craze. It's amazing to watch TLC's "Extreme Couponing" and see how people can get hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for next to nothing. I for one am not an "extreme couponer" just yet but I am getting there.

I started clipping coupons just a few months ago, not because I'm poor, but the fact that saving any penny I can right now will benefit me and my family in the long run. I started out as what you would call "the occasional couponer." I would clip coupons that I needed at the time and use them right away. At the register I'd hand over a few coupons and save a few bucks, which isn't bad, but wouldn't you rather save a few hundred or so a week?

I'm becoming more of a savvy coupon deal shopper. Most people buy the generic brand because it saves them money, but what if I told you by using coupons you could have the name brand and actually save more? Believe it or not it's true. The thing is people buy the Sunday paper for the coupon inserts and use them right away. When it comes to extreme couponing we know better, because if you hold on to the coupon for just a bit a sale will come around on that specific item and you can have it for just pennies or even less!

Holding on to a coupon for a few weeks may be hard to do but if you wait for your store to have a sale then you can really find yourself saving much more than you thought. Also know that you can use store coupons and manufacturer's coupons on the same item. You can also use two coupons on a buy one get one free sale, which can end up getting you overage. Believe it or not but you can actually make money couponing.

Don't expect to become an extreme couponer right away, no, these things take time. You have to get in the flow of things, set up your own system, organize, research sale ads, become familiar with your stores coupon policy.

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