Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stopain Product Review

For the past few years I've experience mild back pain due to the fact that I have Scoliosis. I've learned to live with this pain, although it's not too severe, at times it gets to be uncontrollable. For the past two days I've used Stopain Pain Relief Roll On and I must say that I am impressed. I've used many of the hot/cold patches and creams before but the Roll On is very convenient and makes it easy to apply yourself.

The Stopain Pain Relief Roll On is non-greasy, it dried within a few seconds and had a pleasant Mentholatum smell. After I applied the Stopain I felt immediate relief from my back pain and continually it kept working. Another great bonus is when you need another application you simply roll it on and within seconds you feel relief, unlike pain patches and other creams you have to keep applying and take longer to relieve your pain.

I will definitely continue to use the Stopain Pain Relief Roll On and enjoy it like I have been!

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