Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TheraBreath Products Review

After having bad breath for quiet some time, I started searching for a solution, I've found several products that I liked but the only downside was that it didn't cure the bad breath for an extended time. I started using TheraBreath products such as toothpaste, the oral mouth rinse and the lozenges (which I enjoy the most).
I must say that TheraBreath products go to work immediately to kill bad breath, relieve dry mouth symptoms, get rid of metallic taste, improve gums and periodontal disease and much more. I used the toothpaste first, after that I didn't really feel the need to use the oral mouth rinse but I did anyways. Neither tasted bad, like most mouth cleaning products do, it was actually a pleasant taste. Must I say that the lozenges were wonderful, I constantly have dry mouth and while I do drink lots of fluids, this doesn't seem to cure the problem. After putting in a TheraBreath lozenge I was immediately impressed with the wetness it gives my mouth. No more cotton mouth for me! I will continue to use these TheraBreath products as I am very satisfied with the outcome.


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