Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Awesome Elf on The Shelf Ideas

Has your family adopted the totally awesome Elf on the Shelf tradition yet? Are you running out of crazy fun ideas each year? To help keep the Elf on the Shelf tradition alive, I’ve listed tons of awesome things your Elf can do this season:

Elf hiding in a glass:

Elf taking a marshmallow bath:

Elf hanging the kids undies on the mantle:

Elf tangled in the lights being naughty:

Elf brings a note:

Elf toilet papers tree:

Elf drinking syrup:

Elf leaving messages for the kids to reminding them to be good:

Elf playing Playstation:

Making snowflakes with the other toys:

Elf made green milk:

Elf playing scrabble:

Elf got into the toothpaste:

Elf made the toilet water green:

Elf colored a picture:

Elf hanging in the doll house:

Elf has Woody hog tied:

Elf snowball fight:

Elf playing dress up:

Elf goes fishing:

Elf shoots Grinch with nerf gun:

Elf is on Facebook:

Elf is stylin:

Elf hides out in the freezer: