Friday, October 26, 2012

Kate Gosselin Fired From Coupon Blogging Job Because She Was Too Demanding

The ex-reality TV star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 Kate Gosselin, was recently fired from her CouponCabin blogging job. CouponCabin’s CEO had given a statement about her dismissal saying that “a series of recent events have made it clear” that Kate’s contributions “do not align with the authenticity that we set out to build almost a decade ago.”

According to a source for the New York Daily News, Kate was “just so demanding and hard to get along with.” Really?! You don’t say! It’s hard to get along with a woman whose dancer partner from Dancing with the Stars said he needed “a lot of therapy” after working with her?

The source adds that there was also a lot of negative attention around Kate with the rumors that she beat her children and that CouponCabin did not want to associate themselves with that. Also, let’s face it: she sucked as a blogger. As Reality TV Magazine recently reported, Kate would only blog about once a week, with one picture in her post, mainly self-promoting her media appearances. I would think blog readers of a coupon site would mostly be interested in deals, savings, and coupons?

If CouponCabin is looking for a replacement blogger, might I suggest the “Coupon Queen,” June Shannon (mother of Honey Boo Boo). She seems less demanding and a heck of a lot more knowledgable about couponing!

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