Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kids' Christmas Crafts: Matchbox Advent Calendar

This Advent calendar starts as a miniature chest of 24 drawers. As its drawers are removed and reversed, a picture is revealed. Remove matches from 24 matchboxes; glue boxes in three stacks of eight. Glue stacks together to make the chest, then cut a strip of paper to wrap around the sides of the chest; glue it in place. With acrylic paint, number the front of each drawer. Turn the chest around; paint a tree or other design on the back. Remove drawers and glue a ribbon tab on the underside of each drawer on the numbered end. From construction paper, cut a square backing for the chest to keep drawers in place and hide the image; attach it at the edges with glue. Fill drawers with small treats and notes, and slip them back into the chest.

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