Monday, August 26, 2013

DIY Halloween Lawn Ghost

To make your own lawn ghost this Halloween you will need the following things:
Iron Wreath Stand
Styrofoam Balls
Fabric Stiffener

Place a styrofoam ball on top of the wreath stand. 

Be sure to wear gloves to keep your hands clean from chemicals. Use a bowl or bag large enough for your fabric and pour enough liquid to cover the fabric. Work the fabric until it is saturated. Squeeze out any excess liquid. 

Cover the styrofoam ball with protective wrap then drape your saturated fabric over the styrofoam ball that is attached to the wreath stand. 

While you are shaping over the form continue removing any excess fabric stiffener. 

Flare out the lower edges and then let dry over night.

Once they are dry, carefully lift the ghosts from the wreath stand. They should stand freely on a flat surface or you can hang them with wire!

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