Monday, October 28, 2013

Toddler Craft Ideas: Plant Pals

Toddler Craft Ideas

Materials you will need to make Plant Pals:
One 9oz plastic cup
1 cup or so of potting soil
1 tablespoon of grass seeds
Decorations for face such as stickers, markers or ribbon

Fill the cup halfway up with soil. Divide the remaining soil in two, have your child measure the seeds and stir them into on of these halves. Spoon the seed filled soil into the cup, then top it with the remaining soil, be sure to water the soil well. 

Let your child decorate the cup with stickers, markers or ribbons to make a funny face for their Plant Pal! Be sure when you're finished to leave the plant in a warm, sunny spot to sprout. Water it as necessary to keep the soil about as damp as a sponge. Pretty soon your Plant Pal will be sprouting!

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