Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kids Christmas Crafts: Handkerchief Cards

A handkerchief is always an elegant accessory, but one that's embellished with a hand-drawn snowman or snowflake is especially smart. To make one, all you'll need is a cotton or linen handkerchief and fabric crayons (available at craft and sewing stores).

Iron the handkerchief while your child practices his drawing a few times on scratch paper. When he's confident, let him draw it directly on the handkerchief with the fabric crayons. Hold the corners of the cloth steady for him, or tape them down. Place a scrap piece of fabric over the drawing, and gently iron according to the instructions on the crayon package to make the design permanent.

Fold the handkerchief so that it will fit in the envelope with the design centered on top, and loosely tie it with waxed cord or thin ribbon, adding the gift tag (ours were printed from a computer or written in crayon).

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