Friday, February 26, 2016

Sunday Coupon Preview Proctor & Gamble 2/28

Always $.50/1 pantiliner 30ct+ excludes discreet (3/12)
Always $1.50/2 ultra or maxi pads 12ct+, feminine wipes or liners 30ct+ excludes discreet (3/12)
Always $1/1 radiant or infinity pads 12ct+ (3/12)
Always $3/1 discreet liner or pad
Always $3/1 discreet underwear
Bounty $.25/1 product excluding single rolls
Bounty/Charmin $.50/1 basic product
Charmin $.25/1 product
Clairol $2/1 natural instincts hair color (3/12)
Clairol Buy 1 nice ‘n easy hair color box, get 1 root touch-up box free up to $6.99 excludes age defy, natural instincts, balsam and textures & tones (3/12)
Covergirl $1/1 eyeline or eye brow product excludes accessories
Covergirl $3/1 lashblast mascara product excludes accessories
Crest $.50/1 toothpaste 3oz+, liquid gel or kids toothpaste excludes cavity, baking soda and tartar control
Crest $1/1 mouthwash 237ml+
Febreze $1/1 fabric refresher product
Febreze Buy 1 product, get 1 car vent clip or smallspaces free up to $3.49 (3/12)
Fixodent $1/1 adhesive 1.4oz+
Fixodent $2.50/1 adhesive twin pack 1.4oz+
Gillette $1/1 clear gel 2.85oz+ (3/12)
Gillette $1/1 shave gel 5.9oz+
Gillette $2/2 clear gels 2.85oz+ (3/12)
Gillette $5/1 razor and blade refill package excludes disposables (3/12)
Head & Shoulders $4/2 full size products 380ml/12.8oz+ excludes all treatments (3/12)
Herbal Essences $1/1 body wash product (3/12)
Luvs $1/2 bags or 1 box diapers
Meta $1/1 product excludes health bar 1ct
Mr. Clean $.50/1 magic eraser excludes 1ct
Mr. Clean $.75/1 liquid muscle, liquid or spray
Olay $1.50/1 total effects or age defying facial moisturizer
Olay $1/1 body wash, bar 4ct+ or in-shower body lotion (3/12)
Olay $1/1 facial moisturizer or facial cleanser excludes pro-x, regenerist, total effects and age defying
Olay $1/1 pro-x regenerist or total effects facial cleanser
Olay $2/1 pro-x or regenerist facial moisturizer or facial hair removal product
Olay $2/2 body washes, bar 4ct+ or in-shower body lotions (3/12)
Old Spice $1/1 product (3/12)
Old Spice $2/2 products (3/12)
Old Spice $4/2 shampoo, 2-in-1 or styling products ets (3/12)
Oral-B $.50/1 glide floss 35m+ or glide floss picks 30ct+
Oral-B $1/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excludes healthy clean
Pampers $3/2 bags or 1 box diapers or pants (3/12)
Pantene $1.50/1 styler or treatment product (3/12)
Pantene $2/2 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excludes 6.7oz (3/12)
Pantene $5/3 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excludes 6.7oz (3/12)
Pentene $1/1 expert collection product (3/12)
Pepto-Bismol $.50/1 product
Prilosec OTC $1/1 product
Puffs $.25/1 product excluding to go
QlearQuil $2/1 product
Satin Care/Venus $1/1 shave gel 7oz+
Secret $1/1 outlast, scent expressions or destinations antiperspirant/deodorant or body spray excludes 1.6/1.7oz (3/12)
Secret $2/2 outlast, scent expressions or destinations antiperspirants/deodorants or body sprays excludes 1.6/1.7oz (3/12)
Secret/Gillette $2/1 clinical 1.6oz+ (3/12)
Sinex $2/1 product
Swiffer $.75/1 refill, solution or dust & shine excludes steamboost starter kits and refills
Swiffer $2/1 starter kit excludes steamboost starter kits and refills duster 2ct
Tampax $.50/1 cardboard tampons 16ct+ (3/12)
Unstopables $1/1 air product
Unstopables $2.50/2 air products
Venus $5/1 razor AND blade refill excludes disposables (3/12)
Vicks $1/1 product excludes vapodrops and zzzquil
Vidal Sassoon $3/1 salonist hair color excludes pro-series hair color, shampoo, conditioner and styling products (3/12)
ZzzQuil $1/1 product

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