Sunday, August 19, 2012

Host a Grace Adele Party Earn Free Stuff

Do you love style, fashion, purses, handbags, jewelry... etc? Do you enjoy helping your friends do the same? If yes is the answer to these questions,  go ahead and get to it — just host a Grace Adele party.

When you host a party with Grace Adele, you get to play in a sea of exquisite colors and designs, have a fabulous time with your friends, and reward yourself with free shopping. Yes: free shopping. As a Host, you’ll swim in our sumptuous collection of bags, clutches, jewelry, and more, and then we’ll help you deck yourself out in favorites with our Host Rewards.

To learn more about the stylish windfall at your fingertips, visit our Host Rewards page. And check out our Party Idea Book to preview the fashion heaven that awaits you. Then just schedule a party and gather the girls. 

Grace Adele makes fashion work for you. Host a party, or join Grace Adele and let the party work for you, too.

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